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General Contractor: Intermountain Construction Inc. - Completed 1995

A private residence located on a parcel of river bottom land bordered by the Snake River and the Teton Mountain Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The clients desired to have a unique architectural statement providing high visual drama while blending with its natural mountain environment.

The building was sited to take advantage of views of adjoining manmade lakes and the spectacular scenery of the Teton Mountain Range.

Several important “organic” architectural concepts have been successfully incorporated in this house:

· The houses’ floor plan was designed using an equilateral triangular grid resulting in all rooms having unique shapes. The open plan, without square corners, creates spaces which flow together easily in a natural sequence.

· A strong horizontal emphasis in roofing, siding, stone wainscot, and fenestration relates directly to the ground plane of the projects relatively flat site.

· A vertical module was established with the siding profile and adhered to throughout the buildings layout, thereby assuring that all façade elements, (windows, doors, siding, roof fascia, and roofing) line up.

Other aspects which tie the building design to a central idea are:

· A simple, clear, post and beam gable structure with hexagonal natural stone columns radiating off a central fireplace supporting large wood ridge and eave beams. Roof rafters set at 30 degree angles to these beams reinforce the buildings unique geometry.

· The large hexagonal stone fireplace at the hub of the building has three fireboxes serving kitchen, dining, and livingroom. This fireplaces stone chimney cap design relates to the nearby Teton Mountain peaks.

· Custom cabinets with modular door and drawer panel designs by the architect repeat the equilateral triangular layout of the building, and when joined in several panels, emulate the foreground hills and background mountains surrounding the site.

· A 120 degree angled front door at the buildings “hinge” near the porte cochere provides an exciting entrance to the house.

· Several custom light fixtures designed by the architect compliment the geometry of this special residence.

The special way this home fits naturally into its site coupled with the interesting interior spaces created by the unique design, provides the visitor with an exceptional architectural experience.

2015 Mark Pynn Architect