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A contemporary pergola added to a very unique residence, located near Jackson, Wyoming.

The design for this shading device was predicated on the original structural layout of the existing house. Designed based upon an equilateral triangular grid with no perpendicular walls and roof rafters set at thirty degrees to parallel ridge and eave beams, the home’s spaces flow seamlessly and fit together as a creative puzzle.

As an addition to this special building, the requested, stand-alone, shade structure was required to fit with the existing building and roof forms without interfering, yet complimenting the original house.

The carpenter’s craftsmanship is on full display through the exposed joinery. Conventional half-lapped and full-lapped wood joins are made additional elegant through the unique geometry of the equilateral grid. Glu-laminated beams, (utilized for their strength and dimensional stability in this mountain climate), are coped at the ends to fit within the webs of the two long-span, parallel supporting steel beams and bear on these beams bottom flanges.

The resultant structure, built to simply shade an existing outdoor deck, resulted in an exhibit of exceptional carpentry, craftsmanship, and poetic engineering.


Architecture; Mark Pynn Architect LLC

General Construction; Diehl Construction Inc.

Structural Engineering; G & S Structural Engineers

Electrical Engineering: Paul Stoops & Associates

Photography; David Agnello Photography

2015 Mark Pynn Architect