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General Contractor: Walsworth Construction Inc. - Completed 1990

A private residence for a family to retire in the central Idaho mountains. The relatively large residence was generated from the family requirements and particular needs encountered when living in a recreation orientated community. A strong desire on the part of the owner to have a “lodge” style home was expressed.

After exhaustive research, the direction was taken to develop a residence blending forms and materials common to the great lodges of the National Park Service, and careful wood detailing reminiscent of the works of Charles and Henry Green and Gustaf Stickley

The extensive program required spaces was carefully molded so that the building would nestle within the prescribed building envelope. Attention was also placed on locating the building to take full advantage of the numerous spectacular views available from the site.

Development of a unique wood roof system with its hierarchy of framing members resulting in decorative “structural lattice” ceiling proved to be the genesis for a solution to the severe structural and snow drop problems encountered in deep snow country. This design concept also served as the basis for “craftsman” style detailing throughout the house. Additional attention was paid to the built-up cold roof system with decorative eave and ridge vents providing creative and carefully crafted solutions to the problems of building in this harsh environment.

Exterior materials were chosen based upon durability and authenticity to the traditional lodge vernacular and building scale. Large exposure, deep grooved shingles help to reduce the large apparent mass of the building. Creative detailing of the fascias, ridge vents and eave vents express the requirements of snow country roofs with a unique handcrafted approach.

Primary wood framing members are all expressed with Japanese-style hidden connections resulting in exceptional carpentry and craftsmanship. Articulation of a variety of wood species, with their various natural tones, provide unique patterns throughout the interior of the house, developed within the roof, handrails, cabinetry and furnishings.

Considerable attention was placed upon the finished detailing of the residence. Interior trim, extensive built-in cabinetry, custom furnishings, pool table, chandeliers, and tableware were all designed by the architect in order to develop a consistent hand-crafted image throughout.

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